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Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator

ROI Calculator
- Calculate return on IT investments
Questions? - How to use this form

Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator

Want to have a successful impact on your bottom line?  Need to see if your computer upgrade or security expenses are worth the time and effort?  Just use our ROI Calculator.  Questions?  See how to use this form. 

Your Company Information
Company annual revenues $
Annual network/system downtime hours (average 2 hours per month) hrs
Average employee annual salary including benefits (industry average) $
Number of users affected by downtime/upgrade num
Cost of network/security upgrade $
Effectiveness of new upgrade in reducing downtime, reducing costs, etc. %

Calculated Information

Current Costs (prior to upgrade):
Cost of employee downtime $  
Cost of lost business revenue $
Total current annual downtime cost $

Cost of Network/Security Upgrade:
Cost of network/security upgrade (from above) $  

Benefits of Upgrade (Cost Savings or Cost Avoidance):
Cost savings & cost avoidance (current costs - cost of upgrade) $  
Percent effectiveness (from above)


Effective annual benefits from upgrading $

Return On Investment (ROI):

Return On Investment (net benefits / cost)  %
Number of months to recover investment num

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How to use this form

Enter your data in the Your Company Information section at the top part of the form.  For convenience purposes, this part of the form already has sample data.  Just type over the existing numbers.  Once you've entered your data, skip down to the bottom of the form and press Calculate.


  • Cost of network/security upgrade - include one-time equipment and installation labor costs as well as one year's worth of typical recurring maintenance costs.

  • Effectiveness of new upgrade - percentage effectiveness of new equipment at reducing downtime, preventing hackers, etc.

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