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Ensure IT - Intruder Detection Services

Network monitoring is one of the best tools to detect security breaches. Do you know the four signs that tell if you've been a victim? Our Ensure IT intruder detection includes:
  • Sensors. We install sensors to monitor activity in real time, always on the lookout for inappropriate network access.
  • Monitoring. Our trained engineers monitor your network to analyze patterns that indicate an attack.  If an attack is detected, our engineers take action.
  • Expertise. Intrusion detection systems require significant time and expertise to properly customize, implement and monitor.  These solutions require a long-term commitment to security.

Before implementing Ensure IT, we recommend Secure IT to assess your network for security vulnerabilitiesContact us to to get enhanced security and peace of mind.

"SoftwareUnlimited reviewed our systems, enhanced security, and installed intruder detection. I feel comfortable knowing that they are monitoring our systems."  TD, Controller


Intruder Signs
Four signs you have been the victim of an unwanted intruder:
  • Physical evidence of damage.  Files that have been modified or removed, a web site that has been modified or defaced, and applications that have been deleted are all examples that your security has been compromised.
  • Your administrator.  Your network administrator may come across a hacker's trail of evidence.  Hackers don't always make mistakes but when they do you may be lucky enough to find them.
  • Something just doesn't look right.  A detailed analysis of your audit log files and network data can reveal differences between normal traffic and an intrusion.
  • Intruder detection system. An automated process with a variety of sensors scattered throughout a network to collect and analyze data.  This data is examined for patterns that might indicate an attack.
SoftwareUnlimited recommends our Secure IT security assessment prior to our Ensure IT intruder detection service. Contact us to identify ways to enhance your security.

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